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Why do I even Trust God’s Will?

Will it heal? Does it steal? I know it’s real by how I’m left to feel.

So you trust in God, God’s will? How do you know? What have you been through to show and prove?

Many times we hear sisters and brothers in Christ urge others to believe in the will of God even though some don’t even truly believe if they would even be able to accept It for themselves.

‘Trust in God’ we say. ‘Use me God, have your way’. It sounds grand but are you really about that life?

Life. My grandmother shares this life with me no more. Got the news, she’s resilient no worries right? Wrong. Phone rings, she didn’t make it. What! Stutters, cry’s, prayers. But was this your will God? Did our prayers not reach Heaven?

People say don’t question God but I beg to differ. How can I trust someone I can’t ask questions? How can I continue to build a relationship with someone who others say would condemn me for asking him why?

So I ask, was this your will God? He answers, YES.

Who are we? Scary sisters and brothers in Christ? What an Oxymoron!

Who told us a relationship with God is a dictatorship? Why aren’t we showing up for our sisters and brothers in Christ during their time of need? But many of us (believers) can talk a person under the table about the theology of the Bible. And (Non believers) you pride yourselves off being a good person but who’s your standard?

Many cease to talk about how God’s will will indeed cost you. I don’t know how much but it ain’t cheap. How do I know because I’ve been through storms and currently pressing my way through one now. Do I like experiencing pain? HELL NO! (Yes, I said HELL for my sisters and brothers in Christ). Death isn’t a newly introduced occurrence but it inserts a pain unimaginable. Absent from the body, present with the Lord, right? Also, absent from us (the living) it’s frustrating yet comforting, painful yet assuring, complex yet logical. So why on earth do I trust God’s will? I choose God’s will even when it hurts like hell. Because it promises eternal life (no hurt, no pain). If living on this earth has taught me one thing its that there’s NO WAY this is IT, this is not my forever home.

So how you living? In God’s will? Are you really about that life?

Here’s a word of advice:

The next time any of you reading this encourages one to trust God’s will make ABSOLUTELY sure you do and know what it cost for yourself FIRST and FOREMOST.

I’m just Speaking from my soul, I never knew I’d be the lesson. ❤️

Proverbs 3:5-6

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to him,

and he will make your paths straight."

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